You Business Plan Refresh Assistant

Plan rather than improvise

Chili winds are coming. Is your Biz Plan Ready?

Updated and re-optimized business-plan can make the difference

Turn now a stored away document into a practical, continuously referenced contingency plan.

The Goal

A Revised
Business-Plan Will avoid Mis-Calculated Risks

With a methodological review of your current data, you can achieve a better work plan adjusted to the upcoming business climate.

Let us assist in creating a practical, re-optimized course for your teams and allies, better facing changes in the marketplace 

What I Offer


Study of Markets & Competition Moves

The first step is to isolate and quantify changes in target markets as well as change in competitors' strategies - pricing, positioning, marketing etc.


Analysis and Ranking of Possible Risks

Once market developments and competitors' changed strategy are mapped, each element is quantified and relative threat and risk is assessed and ranked


Development of Alternatives to Secure Safer Path

The steps to counter the effect of changes in the marketplace are developed, taking into account the company's capabilities and resource

The Suggested Process

I built plans for hundreds of companies, most of which are from the high-tech sector


If needed, I cooperate with ERB who offer a multi-talent team assisting the finance analysis parts, if needed


My business-planning activity focused on innovation-driven start-ups at various stages of growth, helping them complete and optimize internally-developed fragments into a comprehensive, action-ready plan

Packages I Offer


Preliminary Study and Recommendations
$ 995
  • 2 Zoom Meetings
  • Basic review of data
  • Suggested Steps Document


Complete Revised
Business Plan
$ 1995
  • 3-4 Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • Revised Doc Set
  • Suggested Action Plan


Late-Stage Operation
$ Custom
  • Multi-talent Team
  • In-depth research
  • Extended action plan

Some of our Biz-Plan clients in recent years

What They Say



“ERB is a highly professional consulting firm. You can depend on them to be transparent, knowledgable, and committed to set goals.”


Business Development VP

“ERB has consistently proven their ability to understand our business needs and help us complete the desired plan


VP Marketing

“When we needed help to prepare a revised plan, ERB turned out to be the perfect solution.”


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An overview of key points you need to re-visit as you prepare for a change in the business environment